Terms & Conditions

1. Examination Fee i.e. Rs. 170/- (One Hundred Seventy Rupees only) is Non-Refundable.

2. Employees of N.E.D.O. , sponsors of the prizes, and their immediate families and relatives are not eligible to appear in this examination.

3. All entries/submitted Application – Forms and attempted Question Papers and Answer Sheets will be treated as the property of N.E.D.O. and its affiliates/sponsors/publishers/advertisers etc.
4.The results and ranks
declared by the Management of N.E.D.O. shall be final and binding and no further correspondence, whatsoever, in this connection shall be made or entertained by N.E.D.O.

5. N.E.D.O. can alter the day, date, time and centre of the Examination as required.
6. N.E.D.O. reserves the right to cancel this examination or to accept or reject any or all submitted Application Forms at any time at absolute discretion of N.E.D.O. without giving any prior notice without assigning any reason whatsoever.
7. N.E.D.O. shall not be responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the candidate while appearing in/for this examination or claiming the prize.
8. Every corresondence by
the N.E.D.O. will be done through the Ordinary/Book Posts and the N.E.D.O. will not be responsible for any postal delay, transit losses, mutilation
of the submitted Application Forms and other documents or irregularity resulting in non/late delivery of any document in time.
9. N.E.D.O./its Affiliates/Sponsors/Publishers/Advertisers/Companies/Organisations etc. can communicate/advertise/promote directly with the candidates for various activities/purposes.

10. Total amount of Scholarships to be awarded to the winners is more than Rs. 30,00,000/- (Rupees Thirty Lakhs).* The distribution of Sholarship Amount is at sole discretion of N.E.D.O.